Private GP Clinic Opens on Hart Street

The Maxwell Practice, a new GP clinic has opened on Hart Street as a welcome addition to local healthcare services. The family-run practice meets a growing demand for convenient, high quality primary health care without the waiting times.

As pressure on the NHS continues to mount, The Maxwell Practice is able to offer a simple and easy booking process, little or no waiting times and continuity of care.

Run by Dr. Mike Thomas and his wife, Victoria Thomas, the clinic is committed to providing compassionate care and a friendly, dedicated service. Dr. Thomas offers a wealth of experience from his work as a GP in the NHS, having built up a much-loved reputation among his patients.

With 30-minute appointments, patients have time to fully discuss their problems allowing the doctor to look at the whole picture and get to the root of any issues. Easy-to-book appointments can be made directly with a ‘real person’ on the phone or online, with same-day availability. Follow-ups can be with the same doctor, fostering a special doctor-patient relationship that emphasises continuity of care. Ease of accessibility is paramount, with in-person, video or telephone consultations and home visits all available.

Alongside regular GP appointments, The Maxwell Practice offers a range of services including menopause consultations, Women’s Health services and health screens which are like a personal ‘MOT’, with an emphasis on preventive care and wellbeing.

“Our mission is to place local patients and their needs at the heart of everything we do, and take the stress out of getting access to exceptional care,” explains Dr. Thomas. “We want to ensure that all our patients receive the personalised care they deserve.”

Patients can choose to pay-as-they-go or opt for a convenient membership scheme which gives unrestricted access to consultations. Notably, patients are not required to deregister from their NHS GP. Consultation appointments cost £150 weekdays, or £175 on Saturdays.

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