Voting Opens for 2023 Community Champion Awards

The public voting opens today for the 2023 Herald Community Champion Awards.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate the special people below. Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated.  Please vote for ONE person in EACH award. If you really can’t decide – click this box.  Then hit the VOTE button at the bottom.  You can only vote ONCE.  Voting closes on 30 November at 5pm. The winners will be announced at the Awards Party on Friday 2 February 2024 at Henley Rugby Club.  The party will be sponsored by Manning UK and will be raising money for Henley Music School.

  1. Barbara Smith says:

    I know that Beth has had some personal issues in the past and she has overcome those to move forward as an incredible young woman that she now is
    some struggles are not always visible .

  2. Helen Jennifer Thomas says:

    Having known Tom Scott for many years he has always impressed me with his dedication to coaching and since he joined Henley Tennis club he has worked tirelessly to make the club as inclusive and friendly as possible. No one has worked harder with both adults and children to bring tennis to everyone.


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