Badgemore School Opens Consultation on Converting to an Academy

Badgemore Primary School is consulting with their parents and stakeholders to convert from a Maintained School to an Academy and join a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).

The Governing Body at the school has been exploring the opportunity for Badgemore Primary School to convert to an Academy during this year.  Following a thorough process which included meetings with a range of MATs, the Governing Body are proposing joining The Circle Trust.  The Circle Trust has 8 primary and secondary schools from Finchampstead and Wokingham in its MAT.

In a letter from Headteacher Tim Hoskins and Chair of Governors Nicola Scannell to parents, it said, “We believe The Circle Trust‘s vision and values offers a partnership approach which is in keeping with our own ethos and way of working. A founding principle of The Circle Trust is that all schools part of this MAT retain and celebrate their own unique identity and ethos. As you will know it is very important to us as Headteacher and the Chair of Governors that Badgemore’s vision, values and ethos is kept in perpetuity. Further we are committed and can see great advantages to work with a Trust that shares our ethos and aspires to the highest standards of education.”

There is no intention of the school to exercise the freedoms offered to Academies such as altering timing or pattern of school holidays, nor will there be any substantial change regarding the admission arrangement of our school or intention to deviate in any way from established terms and conditions for employees.

The consultation will include a parents meeting where the proposal will be outlined followed by a Q&A session.  The consultation will end on 12 December 2023.


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