THP Solicitor Qualifies as Independent Notary

THP Solicitors, one of our sponsors is pleased to announce that Karen Aujla, in their Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration team, has qualified as an independent Notary Public. A qualified solicitor, Karen can provide a wide range of notarial services to individuals and businesses, including arranging for documents to be legalised at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

If you have dealings outside of the UK, you may be asked to have a document certified, notarised, verified or authenticated by a Notary Public, rather than a solicitor, in order for them to be accepted in another country. A Notary has two significant differences from a solicitor 1) their duty is to the transaction as a whole, not just to one of the parties, and to ensure that the transaction is fair to both sides 2) a Notary identifies themselves on documents by the use of their individual seal of office. Notaries are primarily concerned with the preparation or authentication documents for use in foreign countries and the verification of signatures on those documents. The notary’s role is to check that there is no fraud and to ensure that the signatory understands the documents and is entering into the transaction willingly.

There are now two independent Notaries at THP Solicitors in Henley, the other being Victoria Baker.


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