Dare to be Different – Berlin Walls Art Exhibition

Berlin Walls Gallery is pleased to be returning to the Old Fire Station Gallery in Henley-on-Thames this week until 20 November.

After a recent booking cancellation, gallerist and curator Simon Hearnden is delighted to be returning. Having recently moved to Worcestershire, Simon presumed he might not be back in town for awhile. However, his ‘Dare to be different?’ exhibition at the gallery last Autumn was received so well, he is returning to the gallery where he really loves to exhibit, having grown up locally.

Simon’s new selection of decorative, collectable and affordable artworks and print editions is being particularly well received wherever he exhibits. The 11 day exhibition is open 11 – 5pm daily.

This new exhibition of eclectic, decorative, collectable and affordable artworks and print editions by Berlin connected artists and other works, dares you to be different with what you might consider purchasing to display on your walls.

Road trips to dealers, galleries, flea markets and auction houses in Germany this year have provided a rich new vein of works Simon will be exhibiting. However, he has delved further in to his extensive archive of works by the increasingly respected former artist Walter Lindner (1936-2007), whose legacy Simon manages, to showcase further exquisite artworks by him.

Wonderful linoblock prints by masters of their oeuvre, Prof. Helmut Göring (not to be confused with the notorious Hermann who shared the same surname) and Peter Richter (aka Chiron) from the 1960s are being featured at Dare to be Different 2023.

Prof. Göring became a respected art teacher, initially of classical modernism and latterly surrealism at the Kaiserslautern Art Academy, having survived extensive Russian captivity during WWII. A number of his pupils have become established, successful artists in Germany today. A significant retrospective exhibition by a dozen of his former pupils was held at the Herrenhof Mußbach Cultural Center, a year after his passing.

Peter Richter (aka Chiron) also produced beautifully crafted linoblock prints in limited editions during the 1960s, often having deriving inspiration from classical books, ballets or plays.

Other artists exhibited will include Andreas Dress, Heike Arndt, AR Penck, Alexander Camaro, Willibrord Haas, Helm Zirkelbach, Kurt Merk, Elvira Bach and Manfred Henninger.   The striking screen prints above with Simon are from Kurt Merk from the 1970s who died in 2012.  He grew up in Berlin and developed from an apprentice lithographer, going on to attend painting and Happenlou drawing school in Stuttgart before becoming part of  famous artist Willi Baumeister’s circle.  These two prints are £750 each and have become quite rare due to others that Simon had bought being damaged in transit.

Berlin Walls Gallery exhibitions showcase some of the finest modern works from the mid last century by artists from both former East and West Berlin and Germany to be seen at both local and larger regional Exhibitions and Fairs across the UK.

Simon is also giving a platform to talented local artist and collaborator Emma Bruce, who will also be on hand for two days during the exhibition. He has also curated a display of Willibrord Haas’s striking etchings, showing in the restaurant of The Chequers pub in Fingest.



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