Henley Festival Celebrates RISE’s Emerging Talent Programme

Henley Festival celebrated their RISE charitable programme to support young people in the arts at The Green Room on Wednesday evening with a reception for patrons and sponsors with one of the RISE supported bands, Horse on the Beach from Bristol performing a set.

Henley Festival CEO Jo Bausor said, “To our patrons and sponsors thank you.  We had our best year ever last year. We had our highest footfall and actually made some money which is great for RISE.  Thank you for being so loyal and supportive.  We’ve got loads of exciting things planned for next year. We’ve got some really great things happening.  What we are most excited about is our RISE programme.  It’s really grown massively in a couple of years and part of every penny you spend at the Festival goes to supporting the next generation of young talent.  This is what we should be doing for our Festival.  We’ve doubled in size and we’re going to keep going because we want to continue for the next 40 years and we want bands like this to be on the floating stage in 5 years time.  You can say where you saw them first.”

Emma, RISE Programme Manager, “We’ve got loads of ideas to make RISE bigger and better next year.  Because of your generous donations in 2023 we could support 17 emerging talent creatives, 9 singers, songwriters and bands on the RISE stage which was kindly supported by our headline sponsor Westcoast.  Celeste who was the RISE stage sound engineer is here again tonight.  We had 4 visual artists exhibiting and 4 work experience crew members helping behind the scenes.  In  2024 we’re hoping to have 21 RISE creatives, adding more production crew and more visual artists.  Horses on the Beach have a single coming out at the end of month.  They are coming back to perform in the Bedouin tent.”

Horses on the Beach lead singer and guitarist, Louisa said, “I had heard of Henley Festival as my grandparents live in Maidenhead.  I sent an email over to info@ saying hi, I love the festival, is there any chance that a young, starting out band could come and play.   Lois from Henley Festival responded by saying we’ve just started this programme called RISE and we really like the sound of your stuff and we’d like to invite you on to the programme.  It was really good timing.  We sent some videos playing live and some of our recorded songs that we had released.”

Saxophonist, Sophie said, “It was fantastic performing at the festival.  Having Rag ‘n Bone Man in the same vicinity made it a really special opportunity and we were so lucky that they took us on and here we are celebrating tonight again.”

Louisa added, “We have been having conversations with Henley Festival about radio play and playing one of the bigger stages at Henley which is really exciting.  Off the back of it we’ve had some private function interest including a wedding.  We’ve played a few other grass-root festivals, but playing at Henley was so big and putting ourselves in front a lot of people was such an opportunity.  It also felt quite close knit because as we came off stage we chatted with loads of people in the audience.”



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