Rupert House Remember the Fallen

Rupert House School hosted their annual Remembrance Service on Friday morning in the school grounds to remember the fallen.

Headteacher, Mr Nick Armitage thanked Mr Lamb for playing the last post and Father Jeremy and Mike Willoughby for coming today.  He said, “Mike is a local historian who has researched those who lost their lives in the first and second world wars here in Henley.  He represents the fallen.  It is so important that the children learn about the sacrifice that has been made for their freedom.  Year 6 will be hearing from Mr Willoughby next term, particularly about the first World War and they will see some of the items that were used.  To have the opportunity to try on some of the uniform.  It so important that the children have an understanding of that sacrifice.  On Monday, Mr Thomas, one of our parents spoke to the children about being in the military today and the sacrifices being made today around the world in the name of peace.  There are still conflicts taking place.  So today we remember all those people suffering through conflict.”

Year 6 students Teklė Cazier and Zachary Fernandes Head Girl and Boy and Arabella Hudson gave readings throughout the service.  Deputy Headteacher, Alice Fletcher read the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae.

Mr Lamb was then joined by his daughter Ottilie Lamb and Isaac Hampson to play Abide With Me.

After the service, the school choir sang Remember during which two pupils from each class took their class wreath they had made up to the urn in the garden.  After all the wreaths had been laid, Father Jeremy said a final prayer.

Mike then went to lay his own wreath at the Townlands Memorial Hospital’s war memorial.  Afterwards he said, “After a visit to the school, I can’t follow that and I won’t try.  It’s really good to come up and place a wreath on our memorial but to see so many children and so much thought going into a memorial service is very pleasing and I’m very sure that my Uncle Jack and all of his comrades would have been so proud that all this time later their sacrifices are being remembered.  They are not forgotten.”


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