Sacred Heart Perform War Time Play for Care Home Residents

Residents at Chilterns Court Care Home were treated to a play about being an evacuee in WW2 performed by Year 6 children of Sacred Heart School on Monday afternoon.

The children have been learning about WW2 and what it was like to be an evacuee during this time.  The play started with the children singing It’s a Long Way to Tipperary with some of the residents joining in. The play then followed a family from London, with the three children saying goodbye to their parents before they took a train to the country where they were picked by couples at the station.

Sebastian who was playing the Chief Billeting Officer said, “They had to leave their family and their parents to find safety. They got picked by people who were thinking of having children and they didn’t know.  If I was an evacuee I would be very worried as I would miss my family and also I wouldn’t know if I would have good people to look after me.”

Mrs Park, “They started practising after we came back after half term and they have performed this as our class assembly.  They loved it.  When we did it at school we also had someone play the last post and we had a minute’s silence and it was very well received from parents and grandparents.  It’s really good way of the children learning about this.”

Linda Wheeler, Bursar at Chilterns Court Care Home said, “It’s lovely for the residents to see the children sing and perform for them.  It’s a nice experience and it puts a smile on their faces.”



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