Ben Hart: A Magical Ode to Indian Mystique

As the scent of incense wafted through the air and the melodious strains of Indian music filled the space, the stage was adorned with ornate lighting, setting a mystical scene for magician Ben Hart’s mesmerizing performance of his new show, “Jadoo,” at The Kenton this past Saturday evening.

Inspired by his own heritage and a profound visit to India where he witnessed street magicians captivating audiences armed with just a simple bag of tricks, Ben emerged onto the stage clad in a resplendent white three-piece Indian suit, wielding a beautifully decorated mace.

Throughout the show the audience were involved whether that was offering their rings or something from their handbag, pouring sand, or just picking playing cards. The audience got the chance to get up close whether that was on stage or Ben coming out into the auditorium.

Ben who came third in Britain’s Got Talent in 2019 has a gripping stage presence.  He is a confident and charismatic performer that can captivate the audience and bounce off them, interacting with them throughout and has brilliant sense of humour.

His long fingers dazzle you with sleight of hand tricks and he astounds you with illusions even when he uses the close-up camera.  He isn’t just a magician, he’s an entrancing storyteller who uses magic to elevate his fascinating tales.  He also uses sounds to enhance the stories, we loved the rain sound he clever created (no spoilers here).

The show isn’t for the faint-hearted, however Ben gives a warning before he performs his body torturing trick.

A highlight of the night involved audience-generated numbers and an unexpected hair-shaving act—an unpredicted revelation that left many questioning if Ben had truly foreseen this moment.

Exiting a compelling magic show often leaves spectators pondering how, what, where, and when. Ben’s captivating showmanship undeniably had the audience pondering these very questions long after the curtains fell.


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