Book Launches & Drawing Workshop at Library

Henley library is hosting two special book launches and a drawing workshop in November and December all FREE to attend.

The first is a book launch this Saturday (18 November) at 2pm by local author Nathanael Hill. The book is called Cancer – Do’s and Don’ts.  Nathanael says “Life is an amazing gift. But if you are struck with cancer, things can quickly spin out of control. What once was routine and easy can become messed up and hard to deal with. Anyone with cancer will tell you that it affects not only the body, but also the mind. You name it: Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Guilt. Helplessness. Feeling lost. Cancer Do’s & Don’ts shows how to cope with the burden of cancer and it will help you get back to the basics of how to live and deal with cancer.”

Refreshments provided, no need to book, you can buy your copy of the book in the library and have it signed also.

At the Gardening Drawing Club – Delightful Herb Workshop on Friday 24 November (5.30-7.30pm) you’ll learn how to divide and sow herbs successfully in autumn and winter. Wishing to address and soothe all senses, Artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck who will be facilitating this workshop will invite you start the workshop by drinking two organic herbal teas and discussing their flavours and our relation to these. Attendees will then create drawings and paintings on paper inspired by the herbs and the tactical experience of planting in the second part of this workshop. Veganic soil with British-grown organic basil and oregano seeds, amongst others will be used and all all art materials provided in this workshop include plant-based paints. Entry is free but please get a ticket by clicking here: The Gardening Drawing Club Events | Eventbrite or from the library.

Mindful Feet (A practical guide to being attentive to your body from the ground up) is the second book launch by local author Isabelle Brough on Friday 1 December at 6pm. In the book Isabelle provides insight and knowledge on why caring for your feet is a foundation to your overall health, whatever your age. Through sharing benefits, top tips, simple exercises, case studies and suggestions for instilling movement into daily life, Isabelle explores a thought-provoking question. Do we need to wear shoes at all?” Refreshments provided, no need to book.



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