Fun Introduction to Squash for Absolute Beginners With World-Class Coach

Tony Griffin, a world-class squash coach who works with players of all levels, including absolute beginners, is running tastier sessions at Henley Leisure Centre, Gillotts Lane on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November.

The sessions are open to anyone who plays a bit of squash and would like a fun way of improving. By the end of the session you should see noticeable improvements in the way you hit the ball and move around the court.

One session lasts 80 minutes and is for two, three or four people. The cost for two people is £35 each, for three people is £30 each and for four people is £25 each. Players need to book and pay for the courts directly with Henley Leisure Centre. Tony enjoys helping players of all ages and abilities and his G-evolution technique for learning squash is  great fun and also proving to be very effective.

Here are a few comments from people who have had sessions with him during his previous visits to Henley. Oliver said “Tony has a great teaching style. He is patient and full of praise but also clearly confident in his teaching technique which is a big plus. For me the big takeaway was some simple techniques…really simple in some cases but the effects of the things he got us to do was really quick and effective. It sounds stupid but watching the ball – all the time not only when striking the ball for example. I really enjoyed the session and would definitely have another one.” Til said “I found Tony delivered an impactful session, quickly sharing observations, giving feedback, and helping make real changes that improved my game – keeping my eye on the ball while playing the shot being one notable example!  I particularly found a new game practice drop shorts a lot of fun.”

Tony, who lives in Barcelona, currently coaches a world top five U19 junior, is a former Luxembourg national coach and regional coach for Canary Islands and has coached numerous Spanish National champions. . He is originally from New Zealand and formerly held a top 100 world ranking.

For more information or to book a session contact Jill Campion by email or WhatsApp 07801480037.


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