Urgent Action Requested on Mill Lane Flooding

A petition of 300 names who are impacted by the regular flooding of Mill Lane has been sent to Oxfordshire County Council, SODC and John Howell MP.

They are requesting that immediate and effective action should be taken to stop the flooding adjacent to the railway bridge and the full resurfacing of the damaged highway and pavements.

The flooding causes access problems for residents and visitors for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. When flooded the road is virtually impassable.  Pedestrians and cyclists are subject to waves of water and only some vehicles who have clearance of the water can pass.  The water is causing deterioration of the road surface.  Access for emergency services is also affected due to cars parking on the narrow part of the road. Accidents have already occurred and this will be exacerbated during the forthcoming winter months when the water freezes.

Mill Lane is well used for those visiting Henley Town FC and to gain access to the river.

The covering letter with the petition said, “Despite some previous minor action these problems have persisted for a number of years. The failure to deal with these problems, which the authorities have known about for some time. These problems are now worse than ever, and occur with ever increasing frequency and with less rain falling. We have collected nearly 300 signatures of those impacted. This include a large number who reside at the two (soon to be three) blocks of flats for the elderly who reside on both sides of the flood and frequently have to navigate the road in wheel chairs or with carers.”

Elham Faramarzian, General Manager at Henley Manor Care Home commented, “Our care home, catering to residents with mobility impairments, has been disproportionately affected by the recurring issue of flooding in Mill Lane.

“The severity of the situation is particularly pronounced during the winter months when the added risk of icy conditions compounds the challenges our residents face. Despite occasional walking trips and the use of mobility scooters to access local amenities, the onset of floods significantly hampers their mobility, restricting essential outings.

Regrettably, the situation has recently exacerbated due to the cessation of occasional pumping of excess water, previously implemented as a temporary measure. This has further intensified the challenges faced by our residents and their companions.

“Understanding the complexities involved, we earnestly appeal to the council to undertake immediate and comprehensive measures to address the flooding issue in Mill Lane. The accessibility concerns our residents face are not only an inconvenience but also pose a potential risk to their well-being.”




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