Nomad Celebrates Their Important Community Work at AGM

Nomad Youth and Community Project hosted their AGM at d:two in person for the first time in 3 years this week. It was a review and celebration of the tremendous work that Nomad does in the Henley community.

Tim Prior, Manager at Nomad gave a review of the work that the charity has carried out over the last 12 months.  This has included mentoring 60 students in schools every week, a life skills programme, after-school clubs, 3 residentials, community barbecue, school holidays activity programme and their annual trip to the beach along with parenting skills and 1:1 parenting support plus running the Henley Food Bank. Highlights included three students being able to take their GCSE’s at Nomad and getting some passes with the help from tutor Gill and hearing that a young person who Nomad have supported over many years and passed her degree. Videos where shown of the team talking to young people and parents who had received support with one parent who had been on the teenager parenting course saying that the one thing that they had learnt was “to pick my battles.” Another primary school parent said that their 5 year old had improved his behaviour after they learned to make more time to listen to their son, not to mirror his behaviour and have more empathy with their son’s emotions from his course.

The food bank saw nearly 2,000 bags delivered to families over the last year. Jaco who manages the Food Bank told attendees that they had developed a partnership with Cook in Henley who are now providing frozen meals on a weekly basis and have offered 15 Christmas dinners for families this year.  He said, “When we deliver the food parcels it connects us with the community and we have conservations that dovetail into our other services.”

Treasurer, Peter Lloyd presented the accounts saying that the charity was in a good place financially with the reserves this year being increased by £27.5K despite a cut in government grants as opposed to just £500 in 2021/2022. Peter said it was important that the charity had reserves to manage its cash flow particularly in the middle part of the year. The charity has ambition to add further reserves for staff costs and would like to recruit a part-time young member of staff.

Henley Mayor, Councillor Kellie Hinton said, “I wanted to first say thank you to Nomad on behalf of the town for all the work you do in Henley. There are 3 things that really impress me about Nomad is the amount of people that you help and the fact that is a really holistic approach helping young people and their families; working with parents and children is really important and it is really effective. The second is the variety of ways you help people – the food bank that people may know about but life skills and mentoring in schools. And also the shear amount of organisations that you’re working with; it’s not just councils, but schools, local community groups, charities and business you’re working with across the town. Over 4,000 interventions in a year is an incredible amount and phenomenal. A town only thrives because of the community and I truly believe that Nomad is at the heart of our community.”

Nomad’s Chair of the Trustees, Jo Bray said, “I’ve worked in the police and as a social worker over the years and I have to say that as charity Nomad is up there with the best because they function and work so well together as a team. They do such a good job and are proactive in all that they do. They don’t just let things drift, they get involved and they run it so well. Having seen a lot of charitable work and talked to a lot of people over my life I just wanted to say it is such a good charity and Tim is an excellent manager.” She went on to give huge thanks to the Trustees, the Advisory Board and the Nomad team, adding, “It just means that so many people in Henley get genuinely cared for and really genuinely helped. Our role in the community means that we do see people that have helped and it is deeply moving.”


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