Tesco Installs Temporary Barriers to Stop Car Meets

Tesco have installed temporary barriers this week to stop the car racing meets that have continued there over the last couple of weekends.

Two accidents happened on Saturday 18 November, one near Shiplake on the A4155 which involved an elderly Tesco member of staff after leaving the store whose car was written off and another car was driven into the river in the New Street slipway (see photo above).

Former Town Councillor Sam Evans brought this to the attention of the Town Council at the recent meeting saying “Someone’s going to get killed or seriously injured fairly soon because they use the Reading Road as the warm-up and the continuation of the race track. Not only are kids being terrified by the backfiring and so on, everyone is horribly disturbed by it and we’d all just like to actually get a decent night’s sleep. It’s not just those of us who live at that end of town, my friends in Fair Mile and in New Street have all heard the racing. It is horrendous.”

A Thames Valley Police Spokesperson said: “Our local neighbourhood teams are aware of the ongoing issue in relation to car meets and the select number of attendees that cause anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance to the local community.

“We are working with local businesses and the council to tackle the issue and will attend these types of incidents when we are able to.

“We encourage residents to continue to report incidents to TVP through 101 or using the TVP online reporting tool and to the landlord.

“It is important to remember that any drivers found to be using a vehicle in a manner which is causing, or is likely to cause, alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public will be issued with a Section 59 Police Reform Act Warning, which can lead to their vehicle being seized, and premises can be issued a Community Protection Notice in line with the Anti-Social Crime and Police Act 2014.”

We asked Tesco for a comment, but to date haven’t received a reply.

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  1. Andrew Selden says:

    I feel for the Tesco staffer who lost their car; doubtless their compensation will not cover replacement costs.
    Daft/dangerous antics are hardly surprising when, for many years, despite being a Tory stronghold, we’ve had a “Police Station” in name only, closed to the public.
    Hopefully, people will consider the record of the last 13 years of “government” (in particular the Covid ppe & track & trace corruption & the subsequent stunning economic incompetence) when voting next & not be swayed by the inevitable short-term carrot(s?) that are sure to be cynically tossed our way at the appropriate time.


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