Have Your Say – Binmen Please Take Pride in Your Job

I am extreme grateful that people empty our rubbish and do service for the community in this way – not many of us would choose to be ‘binmen’. When I moved to Henley 4 years ago the rubbish collectors showed courtesy and understanding on a compassionate level – explaining where to put my bin when I rented in church street. This week in Western Avenue there was recycling rubbish strewn down our road and food waste dropped all over.

This is very saddening and my neighbours picked most of it up.

I urge the rubbish collectors to take pride in the job they are doing. It is invaluable, we all have a role to play in making our community a good place. Perhaps if our townsfolk show some appreciation this season to our rubbish collectors they will take more pride in their job…it’s worth a try!

Good wishes to all for the Christmas season.

Lucy Irvine Western Road


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