Iain Stirling Loves Henley People

Top comedian, Iain Stirling returned to The Kenton on Friday evening for a Work in Progress show for his tour next March.  He last performed at The Kenton in 2017 and opened the show by saying how he had “missed this place as it has the most unusual mix of people and has the most disparate individuals ever!”

An audience member shouted out that Iain had made her friend cry (who was drunk) the last time.  Acting with mock concern, Iain asked if she was alright now and was she here tonight (she wasn’t).  This time he made fun of those who were still wearing their coats, gloves and big scarves in the front row.

Iain then went on to talk about how he was enjoying being a stay at home Dad, that he didn’t have a problem with his wife Laura earning significantly more money than him and the benefits of this and trying to support Laura during her pregnancy.

He then took a short break saying he would be back in the second half when he hoped there would be warmth in the room both physically and mentally before introducing comedian friend, Bella Hull.  Bella delighted the audience with her tales of working on a cruise, seeing a rat on the Tube, dating, going to a spinning class and unconventional joy of eating an Advent Calendar through the roof!

Returning to the stage, Iain encountered an unexpected guest – a bug on his mic wire.  After trying to blow it off, an audience member shouted out 2it must be frozen on it!”  Iain replied, “What a great heckle, I bet you thought earlier that’s what I’m going to shout out tonight?!”  The discovery of fellow Scots among the audience prompted an exchange of lively banter, adding an extra layer of camaraderie to the night.

The second half of the show was a rollercoaster of laughter as Iain delved into the post-Covid social anxieties, narrating his hilarious escapades purchasing a pregnancy pillow from a department store, comparing cafe work to the chaos of a McDonald’s and rehearsing every year when he was on CBBC with puppet dog Hacker for the eventuality of the Queen dying whilst he was on air (no spoilers here)!

Iain’s impeccable comic timing, spontaneous ripostes to hecklers, and keen observations were an absolute delight. Despite billing it as a “work in progress” show, his seamless delivery and minimal reliance on stage notes during the second half proved otherwise.

The audience were treated to an evening of pure comedic gold, a testament to Iain Stirling’s talent and dedication to his craft. Don’t miss the chance to catch this top comedian on tour—it’s a guaranteed uproarious night out!



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