Increase in Numbers of CCTV Incidents Monitored

South Oxfordshire District Council submitted a CCTV report which covered the first six months of the year (1 April to 30 September 2023) to the Town Council’s Town & Community Committee last week.

The report showed that there were 82 incidents monitored across the 20 CCTV cameras around the town compared with 69 (+18.8%) in the first half of 2022/23.  The most common incidents that were monitored were Fear for Welfare (11 incidents) Drunkenness (9 incidents) and Missing Persons (8 incidents).  CCTV reviews led to 5 arrests in Henley.

Two Henley incidents highlighted in the report when CCTV helped were when an operator became concerned for the welfare of a woman in the town. They passed their concerns to the police, but the individuals involved had since left in a vehicle. The operator captured images of the car’s registration and police officers were subsequently able to contact those involved to ensure the woman’s safety.

The other was when a man was acting erratically in the town centre. The operator conducted a search based on the location where he was last seen. They managed to locate him on the river-facing side of Henley Bridge and in some distress. Having reported this to the police, officers quickly arrived on scene and were able to bring him to a place of safety.


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