Education Henley Presents King’s Coronation Artwork to Mayor

Henley Mayor was delighted to accept a collaboratively created framed picture to commemorate the King’s Coronation this week from Education Henley to be displayed in the Town Hall.

Education Henley was formed this year and is a partnership which has been established between the state and independent primary and secondary settings in and around Henley, working together and with local clubs, charities and businesses in the town for the benefit of the children and in support of the local community.

The picture was created by children in Years 5 and 6 in the summer term at Badgemore, Sacred Heart, Shiplake, Trinity,  Valley Road, St Mary’s and Rupert House Schools.  The children were asked to draw a black and white image which represented their school on small squares and others were asked to create coloured pictures that represented the King.  The black and white pictures formed the background to the picutre and the coloured were cut into create the King’s portrait.  All the schools have been a given a printed version of the picture to display in their schools. Clarissa from Rupert House School drew a coloured union jack which was chosen for the picture. She said, “I think it looks really cool and it’s really nice my union jack is part of it and I love art.”

Henley Mayor, Councillor Kellie Hinton said, “You will see that we still have a portrait photograph of the Queen up here in the Council Chamber as we are waiting for the official photograph of the King which hasn’t come through yet.  We will definitely be displaying this in the Town Hall, hopefully in one of the more public areas so that people can see it.  It’s beautiful and amazing and it’s our first picture of the King.  It’s so creative and I love the collaborative approach to it.  I love the way it has all come together and every time I look at it I see something new.  A great example of the schools coming together and I’m very proud to accept this.”

Nick Armitage, Headteacher from Rupert House School said, “This is one of the first examples of Education Henley coming together, with the art leads coming together.  The sports leads have also organised the Great School Run which we ran at Stonor Park in the summer.  It’s all about doing opportunities together and the opportunities those create.  We had an Education Henley meeting last week at Invesco where we heard from the Henley Youth Festival and we talked about how we could support their 30th anniversary next year.  We all benefit from all those amazing events that they organise but equally how we can work together and encourage the children to take part.  We’re going to have an Education Henley School choir who are going to perform at the Henley Festival. It is important that we support the town but also benefitting from it.”

The children after presenting the artwork had the opportunity to have a look around the Mayor’s Parlour and Committee Room and to ask the Mayor questions.


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