Giant Amount of Fe-Fi-Fo-Fun Coming at The Kenton Panto

Christmas isn’t the same without going to see a classic British panto.  The Kenton are delighted to bring you Jack and the Beanstalk by Immersion Theatre this year which opens on Saturday (9 December) and runs until 31 December.

Immersion Theatre, the team behind last year’s Aladdin, are thrilled to bring a GIANT amount of Fe-fi-fo-FUN which promises to be a magical pantomime of epic proportions! 

Packed with comedy, music, audience participation, and all the trademark ingredients audiences have come to love and expect from an Immersion show, this hilarious and action-packed adventure promises to be a joyous and festive experience, oh yes it does! 

The panto cast had fun getting up to mischief around town in the Adventure Golf, Asquiths Teddy Bear Shop, Blandy & Blandy solicitors, River & Rowing Museum, Bell Bookshop and Hart Street Tavern. We caught up with the cast of this year’s show who are busily rehearsing and are looking forward to welcoming audiences this weekend and having fun altogether.

Sam Peggs who played Dick in The Kenton’s Dick Whittington in 2018 is returning as Jack. Sam said, “I’ve known James and Rochelle of Immersion Theatre for a long time and I had such a great experience last time.  I’ve just come from a very serious show and I thought it would be nice to be with friends at Christmas and do something fun and close to home.  I moved here about 4/5 years ago.  I love jokes, here’s one of my favourites from the show – I went to a restaurant on the moon.  Lovely but no atmosphere!”

Brian Elrick who is playing the Dame Trott said, “I’ve played the Dame a number of times over the years including Dame Trott, Widow Twanky and an Ugly Sister.  Well as a nature born flirt, I love playing the Dame and playing with the boys but I just love the energy of being the mother hen of the piece.  I love looking after my boys during the show but also having the kids look up to the mother hen aspect to it too.  I will be a little bit cheeky, picking on the Dads and watch out for the water guns!”

Lara Beth, Fairy Sprout said, “I’ve played Cinderella, Evil Queen and King and Jack but this is my first time playing the fairy.  My character is not the typical fairy though, she’s a pocket rocket kind of a Scrappy-Doo and I’m going to be ball of energy on the stage.  I’ve grown up with Panto since I was 3 years old. Every single year I’ve watched panto.  It’s been huge part of my life.  It’s something that really heightens Christmas and means everything to my family and me and to bring that joy and that world to everyone across everywhere.  It such a British thing.  It’s not Christmas without panto.”

Christopher Lashley who is playing the baddie, Creepstink said, “I love playing the baddie because basically it is my show.  The baddies have the most fun and it is all about the baddies.  Everyone likes to get their boos out at Christmas and they are all for me.  One of the special things about panto is you have real genuine back and forth connection with the audience.  It so hard to find that in any other medium but in panto it exists and seeing all the kids light up and seeing them screw up their faces to boo the baddie that’s where all the excitement is.  I would say to the kids who are perhaps a bit nervous about coming.  Don’t be scared, I’m more nervous than you.  There’s always fun to be had and there’s always a moral to the story that bad never wins.  I have been in an interactive play in Henley last year but not performed at The Kenton.  I’ve wanted to work for Immersion for years and years, this was the first opportunity I had so I’m really excited.  I’ve been to other theatres and they don’t boo loudly enough and I’ve heard that Henley boo louder than at any other theatre.”

There are still a few tickets available on some dates with popular dates nearly sold out.  You can check the availability here at





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