Happy Christmas Stay Safe House Wins Festive Trail Competition

The house on Greys Road which is admired by all for their festive house has won this year’s Henley Festive Trail competition this year; entering for the first time.

Tony Wright (pictured left) who has been lighting up his house for around 10 years, starting with lights around the windows has made additions to his light installation each year.  The Happy Christmas, Stay Safe was probably the addition that everyone remembers which Tony put up in December 2020.  This year are the large Christmas trees.  He thinks he has between 5,000-7,000 lights on his house.

Last year’s winners Steve and Lyndsay Dunning decided on the winning house this year.  Steve said, “We loved this house because it has a message to it, it is seen by the most number of people and it’s been consistent since the days of the pandemic.  It’s a beautifully done house.  You think you’re doing it and nobody is appreciating it and actually people do even if they don’t say it.”

Tony said, “In 2020 I thought it would be good if I could spell something out but realised it would be expensive so I made it.  I made it from an old pallet which I drilled holes in to spell out the words (the same as the Christmas trees on the gate). It’s amazing how many lights the words took. In January this year the Council said it wasn’t going to do the small Christmas trees that we normally buy on the brackets I thought it was time to make myself a couple of trees which I started making the frame in August!    We’ve had a few cards from people put through the letterbox to say how much they like the lights and another lady gave me £10 towards the electricity.  It takes between 1-2 days to put them up and get them right.  The number of people who stop whilst I was doing it who say it’s great to see you putting the lights up again.  Lots of people say they make them smile and that’s what I want to do.  I am over the moon to win.  I’m quite pleased that in all the years we’ve been doing it we’ve only 2 episodes of vandalism.”

Zoe Ferriera, from Henley Larder who sponsored the competition with a prize of a Christmas hamper said, “I’m delighted this house has won as my husband was redeployed into a Covid ward and when he came home every weekend and he saw your lights, he absolutely adored them.  It made him feel really special.”

We asked Tony is there any space left?  Tony replied, “Lots! I’ve already started planning for next year!”   Tony’s wife Sue added, “It’s always just one more.”

You’ll have to wait until next year to see what Tony has planned in the meantime; he’s been awarded one of the coveted gold stars on the map.  It’s a real shame that our 2020 and 2021 winners will not be switching on their lights this year due to the high energy costs.  We hope to put their gold stars back on the map next year.

You can still join the Festive Trail so that others can enjoy your lights this Christmas, please email us at news@henleyherald.com if you would like to be added.

To enjoy this year’s Henley Festival Trail you can check all the houses out using the online map below



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