Charity Flash Mob at Tesco!

Shoppers in Tesco were surprised by a Flash Mob of school children dancing in the entrance to the store around the fruit and vegetables last night at 5.30pm.

The dance was raising money for Sue Ryder through the sale of T-shirts and videos.

Led by dancer teacher John Johnny the dancers started dancing to a medley of songs starting with Thriller from Michael Jackson. John said, “We started practising about 5 weeks ago.  I’ve done a couple of these in Sainsburys in Marlow but this one was bigger and better.  It was great to see all the parents forming a horseshoe.  I think it was absolutely fabulous and I was really pleased with all the students.  Some of them went beyond the moves that I had taught them.  I was totally thrilled and loved it.”

Ed Feaviour, Tesco Checkout Manager said, “A few months ago John approached me and I wanted to do something again for charity this year.  Last year he helped with Tesco’s Turns Pink charity day.  This year we thought we should do something different and we thought a charity flash mob would be good so he got together all the children from the schools he teaches at to come along.  A month or so ago we decided to do it for Sue Ryder, seeing as it is a charity close to my heart and other colleagues in the store.  It’s a nice thing to do for charity and we thought we would do at the beginning of December as nice thing to do before the kids break up for school holidays.  I thought it went off really well.  We didn’t know how many kids we would get on the day but we made as big an area as we could.  It’s great that John got a good group of kids together and it was great to watch.”

Sue Soffe, Senior Community Fundraiser at Sue Ryder said, “This is the first thing that Tesco Henley have done for us and we’re hoping to working together next year.  What a wonderful group of children, they were absolutely amazing.  You can see that they were all really enthusiastic.  Thank you to them for their time and Tesco for the kindness and generosity in donating the proceeds of the t-shirts and videos.”


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