Marsh Meadows Hedgerow Gets Green Revival

Thanks to a generous grant from the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment, in collaboration with Grundon Waste Management Ltd, the Town Council’s Park Services team and a group of volunteers transformed a hedgerow on Marsh Meadows with new whips on Wednesday morning.

The grant provided the necessary funds for 600 hedge whips, canes, and guards to support and protect them. This significant investment will not only breathe new life into the existing hedge but also contribute to the overall ecological health of the area.

Leading this exciting project is the Town Council’s Conservation Officer, Lex Volkes. With a passion for preserving local biodiversity and a keen eye for environmental restoration, Lex is the perfect steward for this endeavour.

Lex said, “The chosen hedge whips, canes, and guards have been carefully selected to ensure the longevity and resilience of the newly planted hedge. This strategic approach aligns with the broader mission of the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment, which seeks to safeguard the region’s natural heritage for generations to come.”

“The engagement of community volunteers adds a touch of grassroots enthusiasm to the project. Their involvement not only accelerates the planting process but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility and pride in Marsh Meadows. It’s a testament to the power of collective action when individuals come together for a common cause.”

“As the project unfolds, residents and visitors can look forward to witnessing the gradual transformation of Marsh Meadows into a haven of biodiversity. The hedge, once a silent witness to the passage of time, will once again stand tall, providing habitat and sustenance for various flora and fauna.”


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