Wheelie Fun Course for Children to Learn Important Road Cycling Skills

Year 6 children at Sacred Heart School enjoyed a four-day Bikeability cycling course out on the roads around the school last week.

The children learnt how to start and stop with confidence, pass stationary vehicles, learn how to signal and negotiate the road into junctions and sharing the road with other vehicles.

Pupil Riley said, “We’ve been learning how to signal when we’re turning into minor and major roads at the junctions as well as learning about right of ways.  The hardest thing to learn was the U-turn because when there is a car behind you, you can’t signal, you just have to wait or go onto the pavement and let the car pass.  I think I will be a better cyclist after this course.”

Karen, one of the Bikeability Instructors said, “The most important that the children learn is to look all around them.  If they are looking then they are aware of what is going on all around them and they can then make decisions.   The children have been amazing.  Everybody improves, they know a lot more now than at the beginning.   The other most important thing is that they have fun.  It’s good that more and more schools are adding this back into to curriculum after Covid.”


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