Peter’s Catch Sees 2 out of 3 Lake Match Wins

In the last three lake matches for the Remenham Angling Society, Peter Bowles won two out of the 3 matches.

The matches took place at Wood Lane, Iver Heath and Milton.

Peter came first at Wood Lane with 20lb 20z catch on 19 November, runner up at Milton with 11lb 140z beaten narrowly by Ian Chaplin with a catch of 12lb and a huge win with 18lb on 3 December beating Ian by 12lb.

The full results were as follows:

19 November – Wood Lane

1st  Pete Bowles 20lb 2oz

2nd Sean Farrow 15lb 10oz

3rd Ian Chaplin  5lb 13oz

4th Dick Shillito  3lb 8oz

 5th Justin York   3lbs 6oz

6th Brian Bowles 1lb 1oz

26 November Milton

1st   Ian Chaplin 12lb

2nd  Pete Bowles 11lb 14oz

3rd  Dick Shillito 10lb 1oz

4th  Mark Bowerman 8lb 2oz

5th  Justin York  7lb 11oz

6th Seann Farrow 7lb 6oz

7th Brian Bowles 3lb 14 oz

3 December Wood Lane

1st Pete Bowles  18lb 140z

2nd Ian Chaplin 6lb 3oz

3rd Dick Shillito  5lb 12oz

4th Justin York  5lb 5oz

5th Brian Bowles  6oz

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