Sacred Heart Primary School Year 6 Students Rally for Red Cross

Last week, the compassionate spirit of Sacred Heart Primary School’s Year 6 students shone brightly as they welcomed Matthew Tams, a volunteer with the Berkshire Red Cross, for a special assembly. Earlier this term, the students raised £338 for the Red Cross, in support of those affected by the recent flooding in Libya and the September earthquake in Morocco.

As part of the Live Simply CAFOD project, the Year 6 children were asked to look at how they could help the wider world. This led to their various fundraising activities earlier this term. Year 6 teacher, Mrs Jackie Park, said, “The children were very interested in the disasters in Libya and Morocco when they were very big in the news, so the Red Cross was their choice of charity.”
To raise the money, the children ran a sweet and toy raffle, made hampers, and had a book and toy stall. The rest of the school were also thanked in assembly for supporting the initiative by buying raffle tickets.

Year 6 not only demonstrated their understanding of global challenges but also their dedication to helping those in need. Matthew Tams from the Berkshire Red Cross expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the impact of their donation, stating, “By donating to the appeal, you have helped the teams in some of the most dangerous places – the Red Cross is working there. Whatever you donate, it goes to help the people who are most in need, the people whose houses have fallen down or been flooded. And it’s not just the next day, but also maybe a few months later. They need help over time, and that’s exactly what you did. I am really here to say a big thank you to you all on behalf of these people who have been affected by the earthquake and the floods. I would like to say a big thank you to you all for raising money to help the Red Cross, for all your hard work raising money for people who really needed help.”


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