Rubbish Still on Residents’ and Council’s Agenda

The town’s rubbish bins and commercial waste are still an issue for residents.

At the Full Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Eva Rickett raised her concerns and gave examples.  She said, “Two bins outside Jacobini and one outside Cook have a blue bag over them which I think is to make sure they are not used.  It makes them look really awful and they are actually still being used so I’m not really unsure what we are achieving.  There are also a number of bins which have vape stickers all over the top of them which look disgusting.  Gails commercial waste is growing and growing and is put outside the shop and in the alleyway.  I wrote to Gails and complained about it previously which they wrote back and said they wouldn’t do it again.  It is put out on the square at 6.45pm every night when a lot of people are going out for meal and although we have had this lovely light display we are faced with a huge pile of bags. If you ask me I would ask that they push it back towards Waitrose car park and they had something there to put it in. I would like to be a much prouder Henleyite when I walk around the town at night.”

Henley Mayor, Councillor Kellie Hinton replied, “The Council would look into this (suggestion) and we will chat to the Manager at Gails.”

In October 2023, the Town Council agreed to spend £25,000 on 27 new larger bins for the town.  No date has yet been confirmed for delivery of these.

The Henley Society have sponsored a second solar compactor bin trial following the successful one earlier last year. Once again there are two bins, supplied by Big Belly Bins, and they are sited at Singers Park and the Top Shops in Greys Road, two very busy spots for litter disposal.  Henley Town Council will be monitoring the success of the trial.

Cllr Stefan Gawrysiak who has led this initiative on behalf of the Council said “It is a real pleasure to be working with the Henley Society in trying to help resolve the town’s litter issue. These solar compactor bins could be the answer in selective areas.”

Geoff Luckett, Chairman of the Henley Society added “We are delighted once again to be able to assist the Town Council with this trial. We have been consistent in our lobbying to improve the cleanliness of our streets and pavements in Henley, and our continuing support of the initiative shows our willingness to back up that lobbying.”


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