Replacement Royal Regatta Heritage Plaque Unveiled

A replacement heritage plaque chronicling Henley Royal Regatta which was damaged in a car accident was unveiled by Henley Mayor yesterday.

The new plaque, has been updated by local historian Viv Greenwood and member of the Henley Archaeology & Historical Group with the history of the town’s famous regatta which started in 1839.

The Royal Regatta plaque is just one of a collection in the town which cover the history of landmarks, important people and buildings that include Humphrey Gainsborough, Henley Bridge, the Obelisk, Chantry House, the Pudding Stone at Gravel Hill, and the historical significance of the Relais Hotel. Each board provides a synopsis on the subject, offering residents and visitors alike a glimpse into the town’s history that has shaped the community over the years.

The Regatta Plaque was designed and created by Mark Baker of Seven Design Associates. With the successful completion of the Regatta plaque, Viv Greenwood is now working on a Gainsborough history one.

The unveiling ceremony was attending by councillors, local residents, as well as the River and Rowing Museum Director, Steve O’Connor.

Photo credit: David Feary


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