Regal Delighted to Have Oars From The Boys in The Boat Film

The Boys in the Boat film which was partly filmed on the Henley reach of the Thames in May 2022 opened on Friday at The Regal cinema with huge audiences.  Cinema goers were also treated to a display of oars that were used in the film thanks to Andrew Adams.

Levi, Marketing Manager at the Regal said, “The opening weekend saw the highest ticket sales in the Picturehouse group with over 1,000 people attending.  It had more than Barbie and Oppenheimer for the first weekend here.  We were not expecting that and ticket sales are still going exceptionally well.  We will probably be showing it for the next 4/5 weeks.”

The oars were the idea of Andrew Adams who runs 3D Marine who worked on the film, transporting and skippering boats.  Andrew said, “I went in to book 18 tickets for a company day out because I thought it was large booking.  I got talking to Claire the Manager and asked her whether she was decorating the atrium with anything.  I then told her that I worked on the film and said I might be able to get hold of some oars from the film.  I then borrowed them from at Marine Film Services who we have worked with before and Richard who owns the company was happy to help out. We went in last week to rig them up.  They are very recognisable oars from the film.”

3D Marine were initially asked to skipper and look after Conny the launch boat in the film which was supplied by Henwood & Dean boatbuilder for 2 weeks.  They had to refit the boat to match how the production team wanted it to look.  Andrew explained, “It then snowballed and we ended up providing skippers and transport for 20 classic boats.  We ended up working on the film for 10 weeks with 12 hour shifts.  We asked many ex staff to come back and help out.  Although we were supposed to keep out shot, you can recognise my business partner Dan Wood and Tim Moffoot in some of the scenes.”

The film was shot on the Thames in Henley, Dorney and Cotswold lakes and the Queen Mother reservoir near Datchet.

Levi added, “It was a lovely surprise to have something here connected to the film.  It’s also really nice to see somebody’s commitment to the film and wanting to enhance others people’s enjoyment of the film.”

Shiplake College booked out most of the seats on Friday evening and on Saturday the River & Rowing Museum hired the whole of Screen 1 for a screening.  Museum Director, Steve O’Connor said, “It was wonderful to be able to host a screening of The Boys in the Boat for 150 people from the local community.  Seeing Henley being displayed so brilliantly in Goerge Clooney’s latest film was great to see and we particularly enjoyed seeing the dramatisation of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.  We felt a particular attachment to the film as some of the objects from those Games are on display in the Museum today.  We had two display Boards at the front of the cinema which into more details on the 1936 Games and the athletes which took part.  These boards were kindly supported by the team at Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats, who were also able to attend on the night.”

Andrew added, “I’ve said to Claire that the oars can stay as long as the film is showing.


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