Council Agree to New Pontoon, Licence & Storage for Henley Canoe Hire

Henley Town Council’s Recreation & Amenities committee reviewed three proposals this week put forward by Henley Canoe Hire who operate from Mill Meadows; a larger pontoon, revised licence terms and a new storage facility.

They would like to increase the pontoon size from 4m to 6m in length to match the length of a standard canoe, which in turn will improve the safety for customers during embarking and disembarking. It will also aid in managing the flow of customers, especially during peak times.  The cost will be borne by Henley Canoe Hire and they will obtain the required permission from the Environment Agency.   The pontoon would be installed in April at the start of the season and removed at the end of season in October. The Committee agreed to recommend that the new size pontoon is approved on a one year trial basis and reviewed afterwards.

The company has had a licence to trade from Henley Town Council since 2016 and this has been on an annual basis.  They asked the Council to extend the duration of the licence to a period of 3 years which was agreed.

The new storage facility would measure roughly 14ft x 8ft.  The facility would be used to ensure safety and maintenance of equipment.  The Committee recommended approval with a condition that the design, colour, fixings and location to be agreed by the Town Clerk, Parks Manager and Chair and Deputy Chair of the Recreations & Amenities committee.

Matthew Couling, Director of Henley Canoe Hire said, “We firmly believe that these enhancements will not only benefit our business but also contribute positively to the local community by improving aesthetics and the potential for increased tourist activity. We are committed to working in alignment with the council’s regulations and community standards.”


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