Ladles of Help at New Community Soup Event

A new initiative and event ‘Community Soup’ is taking place next Saturday 27 January at Henley Town Hall to provide a welcoming, safe place for people to come and seek help or offer it organised by Mother Sister Daughter which was originally founded to support Ukrainian families.

Founder of Mother Sister Daughter, Gemma Birch said, “As we approach the two year anniversary of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we are constantly evaluating our support and what we have achieved over the past two years in terms of supporting our Ukrainian families. I set Mother Sister Daughter up to facilitate the transition of Ukrainian refugees into our community, and whilst it is bittersweet and our wonderful families are still estranged from their own families, friends and everything they had to leave when they fled war, they have without question become active and contributing members of our community who have worked hard to rebuild their lives and make new homes for themselves  and their children here in our wonderful Henley community and the wider surrounding areas.”

“Whilst the war still continues the influx of refugees has subsided, and hence we have seen the numbers of those needing assistance, slow down. In turn, whilst we still have a core group of ladies/families who need our support, which we will of course continue to give, we are acutely aware of how much the landscape has changed for a lot of our local community in the past two years, with the war in Ukraine changing the financial landscape fundamentally. It therefore seems only right that we give back to the community who was so supportive and helpful with our initial focus and return that support to those struggling now.”

The event is FREE – its 1 hour from 10-11am  and there will be free tea, coffee and some wonderful cake courtesy of Boston Mills Bakery.

Gemma added, “In the current climate there are many people who perhaps haven’t found themselves in a position of need before, and probably wont feel themselves worthy of a food bank or charitable donations, or that they don’t fit in a box, and hence are not sure where to go or ask for help. We are not promising to fix everything, but by starting the conversation in a very informal way, hopefully we can find progressive, small solutions, and once again help ‘facilitate the transition’ of people simply finding their feet again. We have some amazing local charities who are all battling to support our local community having seen huge increases in demands on their services, and we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but help to signpost people and plug temporary gaps, seek long term solutions and offer a friendly face along the way.”

If you know anyone who you think might benefit from coming please share the event details with them and if you’re reading this and feel that actually deep down you could do with some help, please come and say hello and chat to the volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, get involved or offer your support for this event going forward please reach out via the website


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