District Council Agrees Extension of Biffa’s Contract for Residential Waste

South Oxfordshire District Council have announced an agreement to extend their joint contract with waste contractor, Biffa, for two more years. The contract will now run until June 2026.

The contract has helped keep the district near the top of the English recycling tables for over a decade.

The Council’s recent waste satisfaction survey has yielded encouraging results for our household waste collections, indicating a high level of resident approval with this side of the service. 82% of respondents expressed satisfaction, or high satisfaction, with the overall quality of the service provided.

The council’s contract with Biffa has run for 14 years in South Oxfordshire – during this time recycling rates have risen to 64%. In the ranking of top ten recycling authorities in England, this puts South Oxfordshire in second place.

Other major benefits to the councils have included:

  • The food waste process produces biogas, which provides enough energy to power up to 4,800 homes, and nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser which is sold to local farmers to use on their land.
  • An average of just over 20,000 tonnes of compost collected and processed a year from residents’ garden waste goes to local farmers to be spread on farmland.

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