Badgemore School Joins The Circle Trust

The Governing Body of Badgemore Primary School, following a robust and comprehensive due diligence process have unanimously resolved to academise and have chosen to join The Circle Trust.

The Circle Trust is an educational charity, its core work is always to improve education, always acting in the best interests of children and young people.

The Circle Trust believes that all children and young people deserve to have an excellent well-rounded education and to flourish in first rate schools with the best teaching, the best facilities and the most up to date resources made available to them.

A core value of The Circle Trust is that every school is unique and must preserve in perpetuity its own particular background, beliefs and ethos and that it is essential that schools should be led by, and their improvement driven by, their Headteacher with local governance.

Badgemore Primary School by joining this Trust will be able to draw on the expertise across educational phases, benefiting from the economies of scale of shared contracts as well as being part of a Trust deeply rooted in and wholly committed to the local communities that they serve.  As such The Circle Trust works in strong partnership with the Local Authority as well as all Local Schools.

The Governing Body have consulted with all stakeholders and members of the wider Badgemore Community about this exciting opportunity, and this has included open meetings to share information, provide opportunities to ask questions and hear responses from colleagues as well as an evening meeting for parents.

Tim Hoskins, Headteacher said “We have been searching for the right Trust to join for several years now and we firmly believe that we have found this in The Circle Trust. From our first meeting with the Trust, we knew that our values aligned and that their pupils too were at the heart of everything they did. Joining The Circle Trust for us is about a deep level of collaboration, supporting all the schools to provide the best education for all the pupils. We have an exciting future ahead for our pupils, staff and wider-community.”

Nicola Scannell, Chair of Governors said “The Governing Body is delighted that Badgemore is joining the Circle Trust. This move will provide huge opportunities for the whole school community and is aimed at ensuring children receive the highest quality education”

Ginny Rhodes, CEO of The Circle Trust said “Badgemore is a happy, growing school that is passionate, as we are as a trust, to serve the local community of Henley.  It is a privilege that Badgemore has chosen to join our Trust.”


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