Badgemore Children Learn Important Health Lessons

Reception children at Badgemore School have been learning about keeping their bodies healthy and how they work this week, thanks to a visit by Emergency Doctor parent, Kristina Attia.

The children learned about their bones and were shown x-rays, how parts of their body work, they had their temperatures taken, listened to their heartbeats and had their ears looked into by Kristina.  They learned out to put on a bandage and practised on each other and toys from the classroom as well as being shown how to dial for an ambulance in an emergency.

Mrs Stratford, Reception Teacher said, “We use books a lot to aid our learning.  We have been reading Zog and the Flying Doctors by Julian Donaldson.  We asked parents if they had jobs that would aid our learning too.  We were delighted that Kristina offered to come in.  It changes their learning having someone here who is real and comes with their equipment that they use. It also great that Kristina talked about their health and looking after themselves and telling them how to dial 999 on the phone.  It just brings it alive for them.”

Kristina added, “The children were all very interested what we do as a job and were very interested in learning how to keep themselves healthy.  It was great to see them light up when they were listening through the stethoscope to hear their own heartbeat after talking about it and drumming it out together as well as listening to their lungs.”



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