Henley Hawks 3 Take the Sting out of Bumblebees in Half Game Defeat

Hawks 3 took on a feisty Bumblebees team on Wednesday night in the Maidenhead’s Division 3 league.
From the first whistle the whole team committed to every pass with some great attacking play and some outstanding defence.
The first quarter was tense with goals going with centre passes and some excellent play from both sides. 5 minutes in and as the team started to warm up, a defensive turnover from Hawks 3 saw them take the lead and when the whistle blew at the end of the first quarter Hawks led 8-5.
Hawks came out fighting in the second quarter having found a great rhythm at the end of the first quarter. Lucy Sharman-Munday GK and Emma Garrett GD were fierce in the defensive D forcing a number of errors and only allowing the Bees to score 2 more goals.  Emma Garrett GD extended her strength and agility into the centre third working the ball down the court with Jo Southwell as WD, Marika Fox as WA and Amber Tate as C who was everywhere!
Milly Roberts GA and Totie Thomas GS remained sharp, accurate and calm in our D despite some very strong defence from the opposition to score another 7 goals.  It was a great team effort which was halted at the end of half time due to rain but the score and the win stands at 15-7 to Henley Hawks 3.

From left to right back – Sasha Reed – Lucy Sharman-Munday – Totie Thomas – Emma Garrett – Millie Roberts

From left to right front – Marieke Fox – Amber Tate – Jo Southwell


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