Hawks Mixed Netball Put Up an Exciting Performance in Home Debut

In an electrifying debut against Warwick University, Henley Hawks fielded two teams, setting the stage for a memorable afternoon on Saturday 3 February at Henley College.  The atmosphere buzzed with excitement a huge thank you to the supporters who gathered to support both teams coming together.
Henley Hawks Blue – Captain Dani Marin-Florido
GK – Aston Morris
GD – Claire Moyses
WD – Elise Russel
C – Dani Marin Florido (C)
WA – Lou Todd (Team Manager)
GA – Andy Phillips (Squad Coach)
GS – Zoe Burroughs
Impact Player – Linden Glen
In a thrilling debut match, Henley Hawks Blues faced Warwick University, showcasing resilience and determination. The first quarter saw Henley Hawks trailing by 7, but an impressive comeback in the second quarter narrowed the gap to just one goal. Warwick University led 11-10 in the third quarter, and despite a spirited effort, Henley Hawks couldn’t close the gap in the final quarter, resulting in a 22-18 loss.
The score may not fully capture the team’s hard work, especially in their robust defence. Aston Morris as GK, Claire Moyses as GD, and Elise Russel as WD formed a formidable defensive trio, showcasing strength and strategic play. The Centre court led by Dani Marin Florido as C, demonstrated exceptional coordination, with Lou Todd as WA adding flair to the attacking side.
Andy Phillips as GA and Zoe Burroughs as GS displayed remarkable teamwork in the shooting positions, contributing to the team’s overall performance. The introduction of Linden Glen as an impact player in a shooting position added an extra dimension to the game.
Though the final score may not have favoured Henley Hawks, the collective effort and standout performances from each player made this debut match a spectacle to remember.
Henley Hawks Yellow – Captain George Robertson
GK – Sarah Kenyon
GD – Toby Garbett
WD – Geoff Watts
C – George Robertson (C)
WA – Emma Robinson
GA – Stephen Kelly
GS – Kate Tremayne
Impact player – Aleesha Traynor
In an exhilarating second match, Henley Hawks brought a fresh line-up to the court. The defensive duo of Sarah Kenyon (GK) and Toby Garbett (GD) set a solid foundation, stifling their opponents. Geoff Watts (WD) showcased tactical awareness, contributing to a robust defensive strategy.
In the centre court, Captain George Robertson (C) demonstrated excellent control, complemented by Emma Robinson’s (WA) dynamic playmaking. The collaboration between the centre court and the defence line created a resilient core for Henley Hawks.
The goal-scoring department, led by Stephen Kelly (GA) and Kate Tremayne (GS), displayed precision, securing a 4-1 lead in the first quarter and extending it to 8-6 by halftime. The third quarter saw a fierce battle, ending 11-11, setting the stage for a nail-biting finale.
Despite a valiant effort, Warwick University managed to secure a narrow victory with a final score of 16-15. The impact player, Aleesha Traynor, brought a strategic spark to the game, influencing key moments.
Each player’s contribution, from the early lead to the competitive final moments, made this match a thrilling display of skill and teamwork for Henley Hawks.
Next stop our Henley Hawks Men Squad take on Loughborough Men’s on 18 February from 12pm at home at Henley College Sports Hall. All supporters are very welcome.
If you want to get involved please join our open session on Sunday 25 February at the Henley College 2.30-4pm. Men and women very welcome, age 18+ email henleyhawksnetball@gmail.com to for information.
Back from left to right – Aston Moyses – Claire Morris – Linden Glen – Zoe Burroughs – Aleesha Traynor – Kate Tremayne – Sarah Kenyon – Toby Garbett
Front from left to right – Andy Phillips – Lou Todd – Elise Russell – George Robertson – Emma Robinson – Dani Marin Florido – Stephen Kelly

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