Sharman-Munday and Garrett Deny Red Rockets Take Off

In a thrilling encounter in MDNL’s Division 3, Henley Hawks 3 faced off against the Red Rockets. From the opening whistle, it was evident that Henley Hawks 3 meant business.
The first quarter set the tone for the match as Henley’s Hawks 3 surged ahead with a commanding lead of 7-2. Their relentless pressure continued into the second quarter, where they extended their lead to 14-4, showcasing their dominance on the court.
Led by their stellar defence, consisting of Lucy Sharman Munday GK, Emma Garrett GD, and Marieke Fox WD, Henley Hawks 3 made numerous attacks from the Red Rockets, stifling their efforts at every turn.
In the center court, Amber Tate C controlled the game with precision, orchestrating plays and maintaining composure even as the opposition attempted to disrupt their rhythm. Victoria Thorpe provided crucial support as the WA, linking up seamlessly with her teammates to keep the scoreboard ticking.
However, it was the dynamic duo of Millie Roberts GA and Claire Priddy GS in the shooting circle that truly shone. Their impeccable accuracy and coordination left the Red Rockets defense scrambling, as they consistently found the net with ease.
Special mention must be made of impact player Juliet Machan, whose contributions off the bench injected energy and momentum into the team when needed most.
Despite facing a determined Red Rockets side, Henley Hawks 3 remained unfazed, displaying a collective sense of respect and calmness throughout the game. This composed demeanor, coupled with their exceptional teamwork, ultimately propelled them to a resounding victory.
In the end, Henley Hawks 3 emerged triumphant with a final scoreline of 26-8, a testament to their skill, determination, and unity on the court.
Henley Hawks 3 are now sitting in 2nd place in the Division 3 league with a game in hand.
Thank you to our kit sponsors Hart Street Tavern and Tara Neil Kitchens.
From left to right back – Juliet Machan – Amber Tate – Millie Roberts – Claire Priddy – Emma Garrett
From left to right front – Marieke Fox – Victoria Thorpe – Lucy Sharman-Munday

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