Bumblebees Take Victory Over Henley Hawks 4

In a contested match between the Henley Hawks 4 and the Bumblebees in MDNL’s Division 3, the Hawks faced a tough battle against their opponents. Despite their best efforts, the Hawks fell short against Bumblebees who are placed 4th in the league.

Throughout the match, Bumblebees maintained a slight advantage in each quarter, ultimately securing victory with a final score of 45-14. Despite the scoreline, the Hawks demonstrated remarkable resilience and improvement, progressively increasing their scoreline and learning to play together as a cohesive unit.

Michelle Thornley, in the position of C, provided valuable guidance, connecting the defense and attack effectively. Working alongside Vicky Tebbutt WA, they orchestrated the team’s movements and distributed the ball with precision. Aleesha Traynor, operating as GA, and Captain Jess O’Sullivan, at GS, showcased their scoring prowess and created scoring opportunities with their dynamic play.

In defence, Emma O’Bank, playing GD, and Belle Tebbutt, in the GK position, put up a strong defensive effort, applying pressure on the Red Rockets’ attackers and forcing turnovers. Lisa Kingham WD, provided crucial support in both defence and attack, contributing to the team’s overall performance.

Despite the outcome, the Hawks demonstrated commendable teamwork and determination on the court. The positive trajectory of the team is a testament to their hard work and commitment to each other. Every game provides valuable lessons and experiences that will undoubtedly contribute to their success in the future. 

Thank you to our kit sponsors Hart Street Tavern and Tara Neil Kitchens.

Left to right Back – Michelle Thornley – Belle Tebbutt – Aleesha Traynor – Emma Obank
Left to right front – Jess O’Sullivan – Lisa Kingham – Vicky Tebbutt

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