Council Instructs Tesco Not to Deploy Car Registration System

At the Full Town Council meeting this week, Councillors agreed that Tesco should be asked not to deploy Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) that was installed to deter the car meets after drivers visiting the sports club at Jubilee Park were issued tickets.

Councillor Reissmann proposed “This Council resolves to continue to work with Tesco and other stakeholders to prevent these car meets and the anti social behaviour that they present and to consider final recommendations at a future full council meeting, prior to its implementation.  To instruct Tesco not to deploy and operate ANPR at this time, without explicit permission from this Council which is required under the terms of their lease. Continue discussions with Tesco, the police and other stakeholders to consider all options to address the problem.”

Councillor Michelle Thomas said that she had heard that Tesco are proposing to try some alternative solutions including mirroring the north side of the car park with the south side, adding elements of street furniture to break up the vast amount of tarmac.  It would have areas between car parking spaces with low curbs and an area in the middle which would be planted with a reasonable sized tree.

The car meets have been taking place since September last year and at one event, a member of Tesco staff’s car was written off after she was hit by one of the racing cars. Tesco installed ANPR cameras with time limits and a temporary barrier to deter the car meets however, the cameras were taped over, drivers removed their number plates and the temporary barrier was removed at the car meet on 27 January.  The police then put in a dispersal order to deter any car meets on the weekend of 2-4 February.

Councillors unanimously voted for the proposal by Councillor Reissmann.

This article has been updated 19 February 2024.


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