Audience at Alice in Wonderland Show Draws Smiles as Big as Cheshire Cats

There were smiles as big as Cheshire Cats on the audience’s faces at Immersion Theatre Company’s production of Alice in Wonderland at two sold-out shows at The Kenton on Saturday.

Immersion Theatre, the team behind The Kenton’s Jack & The Beanstalk Kenton panto brought their signature blend of fun, heart-warming and magic to the stage once again on this touring show.  As always with Immersion shows, there’s lots of high-energy, feet-taping music, audience participation, cheesy jokes and some unexpected surprises (no spoilers here).   We particularly loved the bonkers fight between the Tweedles and the crochet match.

The production was clever with excellent use of backdrop projection particularly the scene where Alice shrinks to go through the little blue door after drinking the potion.  The costumes were big, bold and imaginative too, our favourite was the Cheshire cat.

Amy Bastani’s portrayal of Alice was great and she has a superb singing voice which she showed off in the solo of You are Old, Father William. Meg Matthews who played the ‘savage’ Queen of Hearts was brilliant in character and her delivery of her dialogues in her derogatory tone whilst keeping a straight face was excellent.  It was great to see Chris Laishley who played Creepstink in the J&TB panto return to play not just the Mad Hatter but 3 other hilarious characters (The King of Hearts was our favourite).  Chris and Emmet Carrol, bounced off each other as the comic duo of the Tweedles opening the show with fun and hilarity.   White Rabbit played by Ben Packer masterfully coaxed even the ‘grumpy grown-ups’ to join in which he did through bribes as well as trying to getting laughs for his ‘bad’ jokes.  He had the last laugh after delivering his last joke of the show uttering, “You paid for your ticket, you might as well laugh!”

Need a pick-me up potion to brighten your family’s day, I would definitely prescribe tickets to this show. Like the moral of the story, you can do anything with a little bit of imagination!  Immersion Theatre have bottles and bottles of imagination.

Immersion will be returning to The Kenton this Christmas to perform the panto, Snow White opening on the 14 December.  Tickets are already on sale at



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