Council Agrees Changes to Mooring Charges at Mill Meadows

During a recent meeting, the Henley Town Council’s Recreation & Amenities committee resolved to increase the mooring charges at Mill Meadows.

The committee agreed to introduce charges on red boards, adjust the charges for Henley Royal Regatta week, and increase the standard charge outside regatta week.

The Town Council owns and operates c.800m of temporary moorings at Mill and Marsh Meadows. Mooring is permitted up to 14 days, with no return within 7 days.

Previously, mooring fees were not charged during periods when the Environment Agency issued red boards indicating dangerous river conditions. There is a perception that boaters will move in anticipation of red boards in order to secure an attractive mooring, such as at Mill Meadows, where they will be able to remain free of charge, sometimes for several weeks or months, depending on the river conditions.

However, the town council will now charge for mooring during these times. The council addressed concerns regarding mooring during red board periods, citing safety considerations and the need to manage riverfront resources responsibly.

During last year’s Henley Royal Regatta week, the charge to moor was £33 Tuesday to Thursday, £44 Friday to Sunday, and £190 for the week. In response to the increased demand for mooring during this period, the committee decided to trial higher fees for the 2024 regatta. Small boats (under 30ft) will be charged £300, while larger boats will incur a fee of £600 for the week.

Daily mooring charges at Mill Meadows will also be increasing from £11 to £12, effective from April 1st 2024. Current mooring charges are: no charge 10am-3pm (this remains unchanged for 2024), £11 overnight and £60 weekly. From April, the weekly rate will be removed.

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  1. Clive Baxter says:

    before you think about charges more for mooring you should look at the mooring rings that have been lost, I think it would be nice to have safe ring mooring along Mill Meadows that makes mooring safe.


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