Feasibility Study Approved for Makins Car Park Revamp

During this week’s meeting of the Henley Town Council’s Recreation & Amenities committee, an important decision was made regarding the future of the Makins car park. The committee agreed to recommend to the Finance Strategy & Management Committee the undertaking of a feasibility study for the resurfacing and formalisation of the car park. The estimated cost of this study is £5,612, to be sourced from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds.

The Makins car park, located at the northeast end of Makins Recreation Ground, serves as a crucial parking space for various groups, including the Scout Association, Headway charity, Sacred Heart Primary School parents, local residents, businesses, and park users. However, concerns have been raised regarding unauthorised parking, congestion during peak hours, and the need for clear zones.

Both the Scout Association and Headway have voiced their concerns about the worsening situation, particularly during school pick-up times and Scout activities. Previous attempts to mitigate these issues, such as signage and informal agreements, have proven ineffective.

To address these challenges, the council explored several options, including doing nothing, parking enforcement, and limiting parental use. However, the most viable solution identified was the resurfacing and formalisation of the car park. This approach would involve tarmacking the surface, marking parking bays, and implementing parking restrictions to optimise capacity, reduce blocking, and allocate parking permits.

In order to make an informed decision, the council has proposed conducting a feasibility study. This study would assess various management options, legal constraints, operational costs, site analysis, layout possibilities, and cost estimates.

The recommendation to undertake the feasibility study will now be forwarded to the Finance Strategy & Management Committee for further consideration.


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