Henley Hawks 2 Shake and Stir Margaritas For The Win

Henley Hawks 2 and Margaritas took to court in the MDNL Div 2 league.
From the opening whistle, GK Sarah Kenyon showcased her defensive prowess, shutting down Margaritas’ early attempts to score. However, the game took a dramatic turn when GK Sarah Kenyon sustained an injury, prompting impact player Nikki Stubbs to step onto the court. Stubbs’ seamless integration into the game at WD demonstrated her versatility and adaptability, ensuring that the Hawks maintained their defensive solidity.
Annabel Garbett moved to GK and remained strong, intercepting passes and disrupting the opposition’s attacking rhythm.
As the game intensified, GD Cate Fitt’s agility and anticipation in the midcourt provided crucial support to the defensive effort, while C Jules Tomlinson orchestrated the Hawks’ attacking plays with precision.
In the attacking end, WA Lou Todd’s quick footwork and vision created space for sharpshooters GA Kate Tremayne and GS Zoe Burroughs to capitalise on scoring opportunities, putting the Hawks ahead on the scoreboard.
Despite Margaritas’ resilience, the Hawks maintained their momentum, with Tremayne and Burroughs showcasing their scoring prowess, extending the lead quarter by quarter.
In the end, it was a commanding performance by the Henley Hawks 2, with each player contributing to the team’s success. Final score: Henley Hawks 2 – 29 / Margaritas 21.
As the final whistle blew, the Hawks celebrated a hard-fought victory, showcasing their skill, teamwork, and determination on the court.
Kit sponsors Tara Neil Kitchens & Hart Street Tavern.
From left to right front – Nikki Stubbs – Cate Fitt – Jules Tomlinson
From left to right back – Zoe Burroughs – Lou Todd – Sarah Kenyon – Kate Tremayne – Annabelle Garbett

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