Henley Hawks 3 Victorious Second Time Round Against Cherry Bombs

From the opening whistle, it was evident that the Henley Hawks 3 meant business, especially as last time these teams met it ended in a draw. With a combination of precision passing, sharp shooting, and tenacious defending, they quickly asserted their dominance on the court. Claire Priddy and Millie Roberts showcased their scoring skills in the shooting circle, while the Centre trio of Amber Tate, Marieke Fox, and Sasha Reed orchestrated seamless transitions from defence to attack. Supported by the formidable defensive duo of Juliet Machan and Lucy Sharman-Munday, the Hawks limited the Cherry Bombs’ scoring opportunities and raced to an early lead, ending the quarter with a commanding score of 9-2.
The Cherry Bombs came out with renewed determination in the second quarter, looking to narrow the gap on the scoreboard. However, the Hawks 3 remained composed under pressure, maintaining their structured gameplay and exploiting gaps in the Cherry Bombs’ defence. With Claire Priddy and Millie Roberts continuing to find the net, and the defensive unit pressing the opposition’s advances, the Hawks held onto their lead, heading into halftime with a score of 12-8.
As the second half commenced, the Hawks 3 remained focused on extending their lead. With Totie Thomas entering the mix as GS, the Hawks’ attack received a further boost. Millie Roberts and Totie Thomas formed a formidable partnership in the shooting circle, capitalising on scoring opportunities with precision. Meanwhile, the defensive efforts of Juliet Machan, Sasha Reed, and Lucy Sharman-Munday ensured that the Cherry Bombs struggled to break through their solid defensive wall. The Hawks continued to build on their lead, finishing the third quarter with a score of 18-11.
Entering the final quarter with a comfortable lead, the Hawks 3 aimed to maintain their intensity until the final whistle. With Millie Roberts and Totie Thomas continuing to shine in the shooting circle, Emma Garrett injecting fresh energy into the defensive end, the Hawks remained in control of proceedings. Despite a spirited fightback from the Cherry Bombs, the Hawks’ resilience and cohesion proved too much to overcome. With another strong defensive display and clinical finishing in attack, the Hawks sealed the victory with a final score of 24-15.
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From left to right front – Totie Thomas – Marieke Fox – Sasha Reed 
From left to right back – Millie Roberts – Amber Tate – Emma Garrett – Lucy Sharman Munday – Claire Priddy – Juliet Machan

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