Henley Hawks 1 Give Undefeated Swifts a Good Run

In a thrilling clash in the MDNL Prem Division, Henley Hawks 1 faced off against Swifts in a high-stakes encounter. Despite a valiant effort from the Hawks, they succumbed to a 39-28 defeat, but not without leaving their mark on the court.

GK Charlotte Hopper showcased her agility and determination, making several crucial saves to keep the Hawks in contention. Working in tandem with her was the formidable GD Lydia Johnston, whose strategic positioning and defensive skills stifled Swifts’ attacking efforts. Lydia’s ability to anticipate and intercept the opposition’s centre passes added a layer of resilience to the Hawks’ defensive setup, turning over possession and frustrating Swifts’ rhythm.

WD Sophie Surman patrolled the court with precision and finesse in the wing defence position, disrupting Swifts’ plays and creating turnovers for her team. Supported by Lydia and Charlotte in the D, Sophie’s relentless pressure forced errors and turnovers, allowing the Hawks to regain possession and launch counterattacks.

Georgina Robertson playing C commanded the centre court, orchestrating the Hawks’ transitions from defence to attack with her vision and quick distribution. Her composure under pressure provided stability to the team in crucial moments of the game.

On the attacking end, WA Sammy Coff’s speed and agility  provided a constant threat to the Swifts’ defence, while GA Katie Bayfield’s sharpshooting and clever movement kept the scoreboard ticking for the Hawks. Their combination play and understanding of each other’s movements created openings in the Swifts’ defence, allowing for scoring opportunities.

GS Alex Jacob battled fiercely against the Swifts’ defence, showcasing her accuracy and composure under pressure to convert crucial scoring opportunities for her team.

Impact player Sarah Filby’s presence was felt as she offered invaluable support and encouragement from the sidelines providing additional layer of support to the team.

Though the final score may not have favoured them, the Henley Hawks 1 displayed determination, teamwork, and skill throughout the match, making them a force to be reckoned with in the MDNL Prem Division.

Hawks lost 38-29

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From left to right – Charlotte Hopper – Katie Bayfield – Lydia Johnston – Alex Jacob – Sammy Coff – Georgina Robertson – Sophie Surman – Sarah Filby


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