Henley Hawks 2 Put on a Defensive Display Against Top Of The Table Mystics

In an exciting match-up between Henley Hawks 2 and the table-topping Mystics in the MDNL Division 2, this was a game of tactical manoeuvres and intense swings, with standout performances.
First quarter led by the outstanding defensive duo of GD Emma Robinson and GK Catt Fitt, who recently returned from injury, the Hawks showcased their resilience. Fitt’s agility and ability to turn over balls, coupled with Robinson’s clinical reading of the game, kept Mystics’ attackers at bay. Nikki Stubbs, relentless at WD, tracked her player throughout the game, denying easy passes. Centre, Lou Todd’s exceptional fitness was on full display as she seamlessly transitioned between attack and defence, while WA Jules Tomlinson’s relentless pursuit of the attack kept the pressure on Mystics. GA Kate Tremayne, battling against tough opposition, displayed clinical positioning and agility. GS Zoe Burroughs, showed promise in her transitional decisions, learning to navigate Mystics’ formidable defence.
During the second quarter, despite the Hawks’ strong start, Mystics rallied in the second quarter, testing the resilience of the Hawks’ defence. Fitt and Robinson continued to put up a formidable defence, but Mystics’ shooters began to break through. Stubbs’ defence remained unwavering, but Mystics’ increased pressure saw them take the lead at halftime.
As the game progressed into the third quarter, Hawks made tactical adjustments to stem the tide of Mystics’ attacks. Todd’s leadership in the centre court was instrumental in orchestrating Hawks’ strategies, while Tomlinson continued to press forward relentlessly. However, Mystics maintained their composure and extended their lead, despite the Hawks’ efforts. Low scoring in the third showcase the defence from both teams.
With the game slipping away, Hawks implemented bold tactical changes in the final quarter. Fitt’s defensive skills was reinforced by Sarah Kenyon’s entrance, adding a fresh challenge for Mystics’ attackers. Robinson’s move to GA injected new energy into Hawks’ attack, supported by Tremayne’s clinical positioning.
While the Hawks displayed resilience and adaptability throughout the game, Mystics’ consistency and clinical execution ultimately secured their victory. Final score 25-17 to Mystics.
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Left to right back – Zoe Burroughs – Nikki Stubbs – Jules Tomlinson – Kate Tremayne – Emma Robinson
Left to right front – Louise Todd – Sarah Kenyon – Catt Fitt

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