Henley Hawks Mixed Face Seasoned Knights Mixed Team

Hawks approached their encounter against Knights who are seasoned professionals with unwavering determination. GK Geoff Watts, a stalwart in defence, led by example with his unwavering commitment.

GD Emma Robinson continued to excel, marshaling the defence with her impeccable timing and relentless pursuit of turnovers. Alongside her, WD Elise Russell’s worked tirelessly in defence with one aim in mind to try and disrupt the Knights’ attacking rhythm.

In center court, Captain Dani Marine Florido’s playing C vision and creativity unlocked opportunities for the Hawks’ dynamic attacking duo. WA Lou Todd’s lightning-fast footwork and GA Andy Phillips’ precision passing kept the Knights’ defence guessing, creating space for scoring opportunities.

In a pivotal moment of the Knights game, the Henley Hawks’ depth and versatility shone through as impact players Lucy French, Totie Thomas, and Matt Thomas entered the fray. Lucy French brought her defensive skills to the court, seamlessly slotting into the GD position and providing a formidable presence that disrupted the Knights’ attack. Meanwhile, Totie Thomas injected energy and creativity into the Hawks’ manoeuvres, dazzling as GA with her sharp shooting and dynamic movement. Matt Thomas showcased remarkable adaptability, switching between the roles of GS and GK as needed, demonstrating both defensive resilience and attacking flair. Together, these impact players integrated into the Hawks’ cohesive unit, elevating the team’s performance and underscoring the depth of talent within the squad. Their decisive contributions epitomised the Hawks’ unwavering determination to excel, leaving a lasting impression on the game and cementing their status as indispensable assets to the team’s success.

Kate Tremayne stepped onto the court as GS early in the second half due to an injury. Her entrance marked a turning point, surging with new of energy and determination into the team’s attacking play. Kate commanded the shooting circle, showcasing her exceptional skills and leading the charge with unwavering confidence. As the game progressed, the Hawks refused to relent, matching Knights goal for goal in a thrilling third quarter.

Kate’s stellar performance not only helped the Hawks maintain their competitive edge but also earned her the well-deserved title of Player of the Match.

Despite the final score, every Hawks player left everything on the court, displaying resilience, teamwork, and unwavering determination. Their performance sets a promising tone for the upcoming National League campaign, where they aim to soar to greater heights.

Knights won 54-21.
From left to right back – Matt Thomas – Dani Marine Florido – Geoff Watts – Lucy French – Kate Tremayne- Javi Marine Florido – Totie Thomas

From left to right front – Louise Todd – Elise Russell – Andy Phillips – Emma Robinson 


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