Henley Hawks 1 Face Tough Opposition Against Thunderbirds 7

Henley Hawks currently sitting 4th in the league played v Thunderbirds 7 who are currently sitting 3rd in the RDNL Division 1 league, both with games in hand. 

Claire Moyses stood tall as GK for the Hawks, solid in defence. Lydia Johnston’s GD kept the pressure on Thunderbirds attack. Sarah Filby emerged as the standout player of the match, dazzling with her agility and strategic moves as WD.

Judy Goforth commanded the center court as C, orchestrating plays with precision. Sammy Coff’s swift movements as WA kept the Hawks’ attack fluid, while Chanti Stubbs’s accurate shooting as GS added crucial points to the scoreboard. Katie Bayfield battled fiercely in the Centre third and goal circle as GA, fighting for every opportunity to score.

In the first quarter, the Thunderbirds seized control early on, dominating with a score of 22-11. Undeterred, the Hawks fought back in the second quarter, narrowing the gap as they battled valiantly, ending with a score of 31-25 in favor of the Thunderbirds. Despite the Hawks’ determination, the Thunderbirds maintained their lead in the subsequent quarters, ending the third quarter with a score of 46-37.

Throughout the match, each member of the Hawks team showcased their skill on the court, contributing to moments of brilliance. Claire Moyses displayed impeccable timing and reflexes, while Lydia Johnston intercepted passes with lightning-fast reflexes. Sarah Filby’s tenacity earned her player of the match, and Judy Goforth orchestrated plays with poise.

On the attacking front, Sammy Coff, Katie Bayfield, and Chanti Stubbs worked in harmony, posing a constant threat to the Thunderbirds’ defence. Despite their efforts, the Hawks fell short in the final scoreline, with Thunderbirds emerging victorious with a final score of 64-48.

Hawks performance was commendable, showcasing their skill, unity, and unwavering fighting spirit till the last whistle.

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