Double Win for Henley Tennis Club at Oxfordshire LTA Awards

Henley Tennis Club and The Henley Inter-Schools Tennis Festival clinched top honors at the Oxfordshire LTA Awards 2024. The awards saw Henley Tennis Club sweep two coveted titles: Club of the Year and Best Competition in Oxfordshire. These accolades underscore the club’s commitment to fostering tennis talent and promoting the sport’s growth within the town.

The LTA Awards, held annually on a national scale, invite nominations from the public, with over 2,600 submissions received for the 2023 awards. Competition is steep across various categories, beginning at the county level before advancing to regional and national stages. Winners are decided by a judging panel.

Reflecting on the club’s triumph, Henley Tennis Club’s Head Coach, Tom Scott, said, “For Henley, it’s quite a big deal. It’s a big deal anyway being nominated, and being nominated is lovely, but you always want to win.”

Tom personally won Oxfordshire Development Coach of the Year back in 2022. He reflected, “That was awesome, but obviously that was a bit more about me. I’ve always wanted the club to get Club of the Year, because that’s more the community and the workings of the club because it celebrates the members, it celebrates the committee, and the things that we run at the club. I see Club of the Year as the people’s award. It’s a really amazingly big deal.”

This is not the first time in recent months that Henley Tennis Club has been acknowledged for its excellence. After a surprise visit to the club in October 2023, Judy Murray proclaimed, “This is exactly what a community club should be.” Judy Murray’s recognition of the club was remarked upon in the judges comments.

The Best Competition Award was won for Henley Tennis Club’s schools competition, which brought together three local primary schools – Badgemore, Trinity, and Sacred Heart. The event, held in November last year, marked the culmination of efforts to provide free tennis coaching to children in the Henley area for the third consecutive year.

Henley Tennis Club remains steadfast in its mission to elevate tennis within the town’s vibrant sports scene. Tom said, “Sport wise, we’ve got so much going on, and that’s what I love about the town, but I’ve always felt like tennis has always been kind of, there in the background a bit.”

He continued, “The Club has developed a lot over the years and is now a fantastic community Club. These prestigious achievements are a testament to the collective effort and unwavering commitment by the members, committee and volunteers.”

The club will now progress to the next round of Regional Awards, and results will be announced in April. Fingers crossed for another victory!


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