Gainsborough Residents Clear Rubbish Thanks to SOHA’s Annual Skip Day

Residents of Gainsborough estate could rid themselves of unwanted waste, thanks to the collaborative efforts of SOHA and the Gainsborough Residents Association last Saturday.

Once a year, the Gainsborough community has access to a skip, organised by the residents association and funded by SOHA.

Arriving at 8am, the skip provided a solution for residents to dispose of bulky items and clear clutter from their homes. Overseeing the operation were Dave Eggleton and Rob Isaac, who ensured that only suitable items were deposited, while any unsuitable waste was disposed of separately by Dave.

Explaining the thinking behind the initiative, Dave Eggleton said, “It clears all the rubbish out of people’s gardens. It helps a lot of people in a lot of ways, especially if it’s bulky stuff, because some people don’t have cars to take stuff to the tip. If you have a special collection, I think it’s about £55 for three items. Some people are on low incomes so they can’t afford to pay; they want to put food on their table rather than spend £55 getting rid of their rubbish.”

Dave continued, “Rubbish accumulates across the estate, and if people keep rubbish stacked in their garden, it creates problems for nesting rats and things like that. A big thank you to SOHA for supporting us all these years, and I hope they continue to support the projects that we keep putting up.  Thanks also to residents who helped move and load heavy items into the skip.”

Resident Angela Sleet said, “We got rid of some old wooden chairs and a desk and it’s a really good thing what Dave is doing to help people that can’t get out to get rid of their unwanted items and we are grateful to him.”


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