Inspiring Speakers Visit College to Mark International Women’s Day

Students at The Henley College were privileged to host esteemed guest speakers, Mayor Kellie Hinton of Henley and Lamees Butt, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels at Zoovu, and Host/Founder of the ‘In Her Shoes’ Podcast for an International Women’s Day event.

The event brought together a diverse audience, eager to engage with discussions on the importance of collective action in advancing gender equality and inclusivity.

Mayor Kellie Hinton and Lamees Butt, in their respective roles as leaders and advocates for women’s rights, shared profound insights and personal anecdotes, inspiring attendees to strive for greater equality and empowerment. The speakers’ compelling narratives not only motivated students but also shed light on the challenges they have encountered as women in their fields.

In a symbolic gesture of solidarity with the global movement for gender equality, staff and students were encouraged to sport purple attire, the official colour of International Women’s Day.  Together, they formed a heart-shaped sign with their hands, capturing the spirit of unity and advocacy that defines the occasion and were treated to goodies such as chocolate hearts, cards featuring inspirational women, and celebratory stickers.

By amplifying diverse voices and fostering meaningful dialogue, The Henley College reaffirmed its commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.


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